Friday, 30 September 2016

The Turkish Delight Rocky Road

Today it's the Macmillan Coffee Morning, a charity event taking part in homes and businesses all over the country to raise money for Macmillan, the charity that supports those facing cancer.  Every year, more and more people seem to get involved in the event (either running one, or attending one) and its a fun way to raise money for a very good cause.

We're hosting an event at work and staff have been encouraged to bring in a contribution, preferably (but not necessarily) home-baked.

My contribution has been a Turkish Delight inspired Rocky Road.  There are lots of recipes online and lots of variations (eg. some contain nuts, some no nuts at all, some dried fruit, some white chocolate etc).  

I based my recipe on these chocolate crunch bars from the BBC Good Food site.  I varied it slightly by only using 75g of butter and leaving out the golden syrup, although I did add in some desiccated coconut and finished them with some sprinkles on the top.  

The BBC recipe melts the ingredients in a pan, but I've found that as long as you are careful and time things in short bursts to avoid over-melting, you can also use a microwave.

As treats go, these are a bit high calorie with the fats and sugar, but they do look very pretty when finished and would look great packaged into bags and given as gifts.

Julie Walter's Hokey Pokey Rocky Road - just one of the celebrity recipe suggestions from the Macmillan Coffee Morning website

Sunday, 25 September 2016

North Wales - A Few Words and Pictures

We are just back from a week's trip to North Wales.  To sum it up in words:-
beautiful weather, fantastic scenery, cosy Welsh cottages, daring zip wires, Welsh cakes, misty mountains, friendly people, waterfalls, a slower pace of life, slate mines, old fashioned steam railways, Welsh cakes, rescued donkeys, and a cheeky border collie.

And to sum it up in pictures:

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Taking Stock

Well it's September already and how did that happen?!  I haven't blogged for just over a month and I need to get going again.  It's not that I've been having a rest - quite the opposite really.

We may be moving, but at the moment we are at the very start of the journey.  There is much decluttering, repairing, cleaning and re-decorating to be done before anything else can happen (I refer to this stage as "Operation Tart-Up").

Decluttering has involved giving things to charity, selling things on e-bay and trying to complete unfinished projects (of which there are many).  

The garden continues to grow out of control (apart from a dead tree which I am trying to slowly remove - at the moment it is wrapped up in fairy lights to try and make the most of a bad situation).

Fairy lights - always make bad things look good

I've also been reassessing my Etsy shop.  Up until now its just been jewellery but I feel the need to produce more art and at the moment, as I don't have enough art to put in its own shop, I'm combining it with the jewellery.  Its a bit odd and hopefully things will change in the future.