Monday, 31 October 2016

Autumn Is Well And Truly Arrived

It was necessary for me to leave the house this afternoon to allow a potential buyer a chance to have a look around.  So I wandered down to the park to soak up the autumn glory.  Trees are beautiful all year round but its in the Autumn that I think they're at their most beautiful.  

As I walked, I could hear the crows in the trees - with their stark sounding call heralding a change in the season.

Despite it being Halloween and November tomorrow, it was unseasonably warm today and as I walked along, a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly danced around me.  I tried to capture it with my camera but it didn't want to stay still for long enough and I wasn't quick enough. I read that autumn Red Admirals are the offspring of the Red Admirals which arrive in mid-summer from the continent.  

And then I checked out the secret beehives.

They were fenced off and so I had to photograph them through the fence.  I've not seen as many bees around this summer and have been concerned that they are struggling, but I was very happy to see that all 4 hives had active populations flying in and out of their little front doors, using the last burst of warm, dry and calm weather to stock up their larders before tucking themselves in for the winter.

I guess we'll be doing the same soon as I've heard the temperature is going to drop quite noticably towards the end of the week.  Time to dig out my fluffy socks.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

All Systems Go

At the beginning of September, I hinted that we may be moving.  Well now things have moved on and we are definitely moving and our house is up for sale.

There hasn't been much time for blogging because its been a full on job clearing, cleaning, repairing, re-decorating and general all-round tarting up.

We've reached a stage now where, still from perfect, we feel we are happy to be "on the market".  Very unlike me, I've become a bit OCD with my house cleaning and suddenly there are flowers all over the place, both inside and out.

A few select items are on show and the rest are all tucked away.  The best linen comes out for viewings whilst the faded, stained or threadbare items are kept hidden.

It is quite stressful, this constantly having to be on stand-by, but I keep the vision in my head of where we are moving to (I'm keeping you guessing for the moment!) and it makes it all worthwhile.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Another Ruined Jumper Means Another New Cat Bed

A couple of years ago, I turned a "shrunken in the wash" wool jumper into a cat bed.  You can read how I did it here .  It didn't take Mr P long to claim it for himself.

So when I accidentally ruined my dusky pink fluffy woolly jumper (with a scattering of sequins on one edge!), I decided to make it into a bed for Sweet Pea.  It's oval shaped and fits her little rounded shape perfectly.  I think it makes her feel secure the way it wraps around her body, and she likes the way there's a built-in head rest.  Sweet Pea's always been a bit of a strange one, and when she's feeling happy, she likes to press her feet on the inside wall of the cat bed and then spin herself around in it.  I think I can safely say, she loves it.