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Puffins and Seals

It's now been 3 months since we moved and although our pace of life is slower and more relaxed, being self-employed and starting up a new business has swallowed up most of our spare time.  We've taken the odd cycle ride or walk here and there, but never really had a proper day off.  So, for the sake of mind, body and soul, we put together a pic-nic and set out for a boat trip to Puffin Island.

The weather was good - warm and dry.  It was a calm day so the water not too choppy and we had clear views of Snowdonia in the distance as we chugged our way down the Menai Strait towards Puffin Island.

There are no inhabitants on the island, just loads of different bird species.  Some birds make it their home all year round and some just visit for the breeding season before they fly off again.  
You would think, by its name, that Puffins would be on the island all year round but, no, these guys are only here from March/April to July.  We chose our dates well because in another 2-3 weeks th…

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