Happy Midsummer

Anglesey has a deep ancient history and is rich with ancient monuments from Neolithic/Bronze Age burial chambers, dolmens and standing stones.  There are mystical locations with stories to be told and magic to be felt everywhere, whether it is linked to old legends or present day breathtaking views.  In time I hope to visit many of these places and share my experiences with you.

As the weather has been so perfect, we took a midsummer bike ride this week to some sites which are practically on our doorstep.

We started off at the Bodowyr Burial Chamber

A Neolithic Age dolmen just outside the village of Llangaffo.  Accessed via a field full of grazing sheep.  You can see the views of Snowdonia in the background.

Then we got back onto our bikes and travelled towards the village of Llanddaniel Fab

St Deiniol's Church at Llanddaniel Fab - built in the 19th Century so quite a long time ago by today's standards but very modern by Neolithic standards!

Through the pretty village of Llanddaniel Fab and on to the Bryn Celli Ddu burial chamber, one of Anglesey's best-preserved ancient monuments.

There is a strong Druid association with the island, both in its past history and present day culture and it is traditional for the Anglesey Druid Order to celebrate the Summer Solstice here, as they were just after 4.00am this morning.  

Happy Summer Solstice!


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