The Hunter-Gatherer Cat

Mr P follows his cat instincts on a regular (too regular for my liking) basis and brings back creatures from the animal kingdom - sometimes dead, sometimes alive.  We have taken steps to try and reduce this, but we don't always win.

However, Mr P has this thing about bringing presents home, and if it is not a specimen from the animal kingdom, he brings whatever he can find.  Most frequently, he will bring dry sticks (useful for putting on the garden fire), fir cones, windfall apples and figs (we get lots of these - sometimes up to 5 a day), the dog's toys from next door and he once even brought back a piece of hosepipe.

Figs are a popular "find" - never edible but useful for putting on the compost

At Christmas, a couple of years ago (and so with perfect timing), he brought back a gold star which was particularly impressive.

Mr P, very proud of his gold star treasure

I thought the gold star would be difficult to beat, but last night he surpassed himself.  Maybe he was looking for something special because he wanted to make it up to me because earlier in the evening he'd knocked my drink over and broken the glass, or maybe just because he knows I like chickens....but his latest treasure, brought back this morning is his best so far ....

a plastic chicken!

Thank you so much, Mr P!


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