An Assortment of Wheels

Visiting Bentley Country Park made an interesting day out because not only is there the Woodland to explore, but its also a wildfowl reserve and has its own motor museum.  Everything in the museum sits together in one large space and its not as big as some museums, but the collection is really well put together and full of interesting contrasts.

There are the pre-motorised vehicles - the pedal cycles.  I loved the little kiddies' tricycles - especially the little blue one with its own "boot" at the back

And a fine collection of motorbikes - the British 60's Butler Spitfire looked perfectly at home sitting next to the Italian 80's Moto Morini.

There were some very old cars

Such as this Alldays and Onions (what a brilliant name for a car manufacturer!)

But you probably would have needed one of these to keep warm ...

(early car heater foot warmer - "fill copper cylinder with boiling water and place of floor of car")

There were also some racy little numbers, such as this very macho looking specimen

Some of the cars are on loan to the museum and get taken out now and again by their owners when there is an event on, so its nice to know that some of them still get some use.

If you're ever in the area and fancy a day out, I can definitely recommend Bentley Country Park.  Here's a link if you're interested in finding out more: Bentley Country Park


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