Christmas Market Time - part two

You'll never go hungry visiting a Christmas Market, and as the aromas of hot chestnuts, grilled Bratwurst sausages, potato pancakes, gingerbread and cinnamon fill the air, it can be very difficult to resist!  

In addition to the warming street food, there's always a good choice of beautifully wrapped delights to buy as gifts, such as home made chutneys and cheeses, chocolate hearts, marzipan figures, stollen, lebkuchen (a type of gingerbread), handmade chocolates and other delights.

Lebkuchen Hearts

freshly baked pretzels

There are plenty of opportunities for hot, festive drinks too such as flavoured hot coffees, hot chocolate and spiced mulled cider and apple juice.  

But probably the most favourite stand of all was the Gluhwein stand, serving a traditional mulled wine - red wine combined with spices and other ingredients (such as cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, citrus and sugar).  Never quite the same when you try to recreate it at home, but I'll give it my best shot!

 Mmmmmmm, that smell is just wonderful and is the smell of Christmas! 

Not sure if Gluhwein is meant to be that frothy...


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