And Now The Science Bit (part one)

Our second port of call on our London trip last week-end was The Science Museum.  I'd never been before but always wanted to go as I'd heard good things about it, and Mr Cocopopia had visited a long time ago and wanted to revisit it.

There was certainly plenty to look at, although to me, it didn't feel that "sciencey".  There were loads of exhibits that I would have described more as social history, design and engineering but, I suppose if you wanted to get around it, you could call anything science if you wanted to.

We also found it tricky to negotiate our way around as certain sections seemed to be unavailable or not very clearly signposted.

It was good to be able to wander amongst the larger exhibits, although many items did seem to have been crammed in.

and it was interesting to be able to get behind the large screen of the IMAX cinema.

Anyone with a dental phobia look away now, but one of my favourite items was this vintage dental equipment station - so retro and so yellow!  Sometimes good design can appear in the most unlikely of places, and I was thinking that this would be fantastic to replicate if you were putting in a new bathroom and wanted something really quirky!

Next time - the Science Bit part two


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