Rest in Peace Juni

Sadly, Juni (Juniper) passed away last week.  She was 3 and a half years old but had been having problems with her "egg laying equipment".  Chickens usually stop laying, or at least slow down, over the winter months as the lack of natural daylight with the shorter days ceases to stimulate egg production.  This is a good thing as it gives their bodies a time to rest over the winter period.  However, sometimes there is a problem getting going again once spring time arrives and internal blockages can occur, as was the case with Juni.  A course of antibiotics helped her in the short term but she gradually started to eat less and less and sleep more and more and, in the end, she passed away in her sleep, cosied up in her nest.

Due to ongoing technical difficulties with my computer, I can't access a photo of Juni for the moment so will add one later, but above is a picture of her (on the left) with her best friend Razzie.


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