Inside Out

We've had a little dilemma recently with getting the best possible use out of our L-shaped lounge.  With a huge, corner-shaped sofa which took up most of the space in the main area of the lounge it meant that the dining table was pushed into a dark corner and never got used.  

When we first bought the sofa over 10 years (and 5 cats) ago it was appropriate as this was our main sitting and tv viewing area but now our living patterns have changed and we watch tv in the "den" upstairs.  

It is really hard to sell on sofas in the second hand market these days as most people seem to prefer to buy new, and who would want to buy a sofa covered in cat scratches?  Although cosmetically past its best, it is still really comfortable to sit on and there's a great view from it down the garden.

So, after much measuring and trying things out we came up with a workable solution.  We removed the middle corner section and joined the 2 ends up into one long 4-seater sofa.  There is now room for the dining table in the front part of the room and close to the window.  

We dragged the heavy corner unit out onto the decking and Mr Cocopopia was going to chop it up to make it easier to take to the council tip but then we had a better idea - let the weather do the work for us and in the meantime we have a great outdoor sitting area.  

Sweetpea absolutely loves it too and spends hours there


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