Stars, Time and Ships - Part One

Greenwich Alleyway

As a delayed birthday treat (my birthday was in December) we visited the big smoke on Saturday for a day out in Greenwich.  

There's a lot to see in Greenwich all within a good walking distance.  Its very pedestrian friendly and being in South East London, its not too difficult for us to get to by train.

We started our visit by heading up via the park to the Royal Observatory , before it got too busy.  

On the way, we also passed Nelson's Ship in a Bottle outside the National Maritime Museum - a piece of contemporary art (a scaled down model of Nelson's ship, the Victory, in a huge glass jar) by Yinka Shonibare which, prior to this, spent almost 2 years on a plinth in Trafalgar Square

Once we reached the Observatory, it was necessary to do the touristy thing and stand with one foot either side of the Greenwich Meridian Line.

Then once inside the building, we entered a world of science, beauty and steampunk inspiration as we saw the instruments designed for measuring time and space.

We then visited the Planetarium located in another building but on the same site.  There was an exhibition showing the finalists of the international Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.  There were some terrific photos, it was just a shame that they were on display in such a cramped little space.  We then went into the Planetarium for half an hour to lay back in the comfy chairs and gaze at the domed ceiling to learn how to recognise the stars and planets which are in the night sky at the moment, and which to me, was absolutely fascinating.  At one point I suspected Mr Cocopopia might be about to nod off so jabbed him with my elbow but he insisted he wasn't and was just resting his eyelids.....
When we'd taken in as much knowledge as we could, we headed back down the hill into the town and decided to give the eel pie a miss but found a cosy little cafe for a hot coffee to warm us up as there was a biting cold wind sweeping across from the river.

To be continued/...


  1. As a complete lover of Greenwich, I was so happy to read and see some of your visit and can't wait for part two!! The best part of London - but I may be a bit biased!! xx

  2. Thanks Chel - I read your Docklands post in the week and felt I'd missed out - you've made me aware of things I didn't even know about so we'll definitely have to go back now as so much more to see and do!


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