Shiver Me Timbers

At the week-end we took a bike ride along the south coast from Worthing to Bognor Regis, passing through Littlehamptom on the way.  

Shiver Me Timbers being old nautical slang, supposedly used by pirates and apparently a battle was fought here in the year 837 between Wulfherd and some Danish pirates.  Shiver would seem particularly appropriate too as it was a bit of a cold day and I'd forgotten to take my wind-cheater jacket so had to cycle extra fast just to try and keep warm!

We went into the cafe next to the lifeboat station to warm up and then said hello to the swans when we came out.

We continued our journey on to Bognor Regis and looked for a shelter on the sea front where we could eat our packed lunch but unfortunately the one and only shelter we found had lots of gaps in it so didn't offer much shelter at all.

We actually decided to wimp out on the way back as the cycle route hadn't been that pleasant (maybe it was all down to the weather) and so we headed for the railway station.  And what a delightful railway station we found - very quaint and old world English (with a few American Coca Cola adverts thrown in for good measure!).


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