The Delights of Camping In Cornwall

We've just returned from a camping trip to Cornwall and despite the gales at the beginning of the week, the collapsed camp bed, the bendy tent, the gas canister running out half way through breakfast with us not having a spare on stand-by and the exceptionally cold nights for June, we still had a great time.

I love the simplicity of camping.  The way you can just get away and leave the day to day world behind.  Yes, problems do arise (see above!) but there's the satisfaction of rising to the challenge and sorting them with limited resources.  

Its nice to be away from "the media" for a few days - our entertainment was the singing of the birds waking us at dawn and hearing birdsong we'd never heard before and listening to the owls hooting in the night.  The fresh air.  The changing scenery and being more in touch than ever with the changing weather. Meeting new people. Learning stories of the past and local legends.  Tasting the local cuisine (particularly the cream teas).  Finding new routines - such as getting ready for a night under canvas by warming up first with hot showers followed by red wine in the car before zipping ourselves into our sleeping bags and burying our heads inside to stop any further heat loss!

Here are some favourite photos from the trip.

A Windy Tent
Stormy Skies

Camping On A Farm - Our Companions

Cycling the Coast To Coast Trail

Cycling through the old mining areas

Beautiful Beaches

Coffee On The Beach

Seagull With Attitude

Finally ending up at St Ives - picture postcard perfect.  It's true that the light there has such a beautiful quality and no surprise that it has been and continues to be the inspiration for so many artists and creators.


  1. Lovely photos!! I could never get the bearded one to go camping, Looks like you had a lovely time despite the cold nights :)

    1. As you probably know, its difficult not to have a lovely time in Cornwall! Maybe you can persuade the bearded one to go glamping. A couple of times, when it was rainy, we cheated and went out for breakfast!!

  2. I'm so glad you saw the positives in your camping trip, it could have been so different if the wind blew the tent totally away! :-) I always say to hubby that the only way I would go camping is to go glamping instead in a teepee with a heater, cozy bed and a stove!! Your getaway is stunning and the natives with their long horns are just beautiful. The light is totally different there and I can understand why artists go there too. Have a wonderful weekend (dodging the showers!). Take care. Chel x

    1. The farm campsite with the cows did also have some yurts which were unoccupied and very tempting at the time (we took a quick peep inside and they were lovely). One day I think we might try a yurt but until then, we will put up with our bendy tent!!

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time. I'm sure it was fun being with family and enjoying the beautiful countryside. Those cows are amazing! May I ask what kind are they? And your coffee photo is perfect! Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. The cows are Galloway cows - have Scottish origins so quite hardy but apparently they make excellent mothers :) Their horns look a bit scary but they seemed quite docile (although we didn't get too close to them as they were obviously protecting their babies!)


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