Towers in the Clouds

Last Sunday we were on a whirlwind mission to show our 2 nieces visiting from abroad the sights of London.  We started with a boat trip down the Thames from Westminster to Greenwich.  Its about a one hour trip but you get to see a lot from the water. 

The day was cloudy and cool - which was a shame as the day before it had been hot and muggy and I'd planned to wear a sundress and sun hat but had to change plans at the last moment to accommodate the unpredictable English weather.  But every cloud has a silver lining and I found the changeable weather produced wonderful skies which made for a terrific background for photographs of the old and new London architecture.

Before heading home, we ate at The Stockpot in Soho.  I used to eat there years ago when I lived and worked in London and was pleased to see it hadn't changed a bit from the old days - stuck in a time warp of decor and traditional English food.  Extremely good value for money and lots of choice, I could really recommend it if you're visiting London and want something cheap and cheerful and very English, in an old fashioned sort of way ...


  1. The Thames boat trips are always a good way to start introducing visitors to London aren't they! I can remember taking my daughter's friend for the first time and she cried as she couldn't believe all the sights she was seeing within such a short time. I will make a note of the The Stockport and give it a try, I always love the traditional grub xx

  2. London is changing so rapidly at the moment, I can't believe the transformations I see each time I visit (which is only about twice a year!)


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