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My aim for this blog is to share my experiences of living on the south coast of England and most of the time things are pretty good.  However, yesterday we witnessed a very tragic event at our local airshow when, just after lunchtime, a Hawker Hunter jet aircraft performed a loop turn which went horribly wrong and the plane hit the ground, plowing into a busy road in its path.  A ball of fire and thick black smoke appeared.  There was stunned silence everywhere as people couldn't believe what they had seen.  Some people lost their lives and the investigation is still ongoing as I write.  For the rest of the afternoon and today, the local skies remain quiet and people are still trying to take it all in.  

My thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones, the injured, the emergency services involved and for all those affected by this incident.


  1. This is such a sad event - especially to witness it. I saw the footage of the crash in TV and it was a huge fire ball. My thoughts and prayers are with all the affected ones.

  2. Yes, it is so sad and unfortunately still a lot of recovery and investigation work to be done :(

  3. So tragic, one minute you are driving along the road, the next this happens. Life is precious and so very unpredictable, we have to make the most of every minute. Those poor families.

  4. I agree, we shouldn't take anything for granted and should try and make the most of every day as much as we can ...


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