At The East Beach Cafe

On Sunday morning we found ourselves back in Littlehampton and visited the East Beach Cafe on the seafront.  Its an iconic building, designed by Thomas Heatherwick and constructed from undulating ribbons of raw weathered metal so that it looks tough and textured from the outside and inside is sprayed with rigid insulating foam giving the walls a much gentler and wave-like effect.  

In fact it was really cosy inside and the breakfast (veggie for me, of course) was cooked to perfection.

After breakfast I tried to photograph the building from the outside, but couldn't get a clear view because someone was doing a photo shoot for a car - not sure why they would do this on a sunday morning when the seafront is probably at its busiest, but it does look as though I have my own lighting assistant on hand... 

Then we took a walk along the seafront, to enjoy the fresh air

A family were fishing for crabs, but the swans had other ideas

And then a last look at the beach and the cafe before heading back home


  1. What an interesting cafe! It doesn't look very big from the outside. Lovely photos especially the wooden things (not sure what they are)

  2. Actually, I couldn't get the full angle to photograph it due to "obstacles" in the way - the shape is long and narrow so its bigger than I made it look! The wooden things run along like little train tracks as seating along a wall but they twist and turn and at one point turn into these sculptures / play area


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