Curling Up On The Sofa And Watching A Good Movie

Sweet Pea loves to curl up on the sofa and watch a good chic flic

I mentioned very recently about the pleasures of visiting our local old style cinema, which is very good, but this is for occasional treats when we feel the need to watch something in 3-D or which just needs to be appreciated on a big screen.

Watching at home is better though because apart from being cheaper, public cinemas always run the risk of someone muttering or rustling sweet wrappers in the row behind you or a big person with a big hair-do sitting in the seat in front. At home you can watch in your pyjamas, take comfort breaks whenever you want and don't have to worry about making the trek home again.

In this techie age, viewing habits are constantly changing.  It's now possible to digitally record tv movies and watch them at a time that's convenient to you (and fast forward over the advertisements).  Many people also download/stream movies and tv series.  There's so much choice now and something for everyone.

If you're on a budget, the best thing I've found is finding old dvds (or video tapes, if you still have a player) in charity shops.  At the moment, the general trend is for people to get rid of their old dvds (because they are streaming movies instead) and a lot of them are donated to charity shops who are now actually encouraging people to treat them as libraries - buy one for a £1 and when you've watched it, return it and buy another one.  You get to watch a cheap movie and the charity gets a donation - it's a win win situation.  I've found recently that more and more titles are making their way into the shops.

My 2 latest finds are both films I've seen before but loved them both and looking forward to watching them again.  The great thing about dvd's is you also get extra features on the disc.  

The Fountain merges science fiction, fantasy, time-travel, immortality, history, parallel lives, love story themes and has some very dreamy special effects.  Its the sort of film you either love or hate - I love it!

Memoirs Of A Geisha adapted from the novel and beautiful to watch (this actually won 3 oscars, for costume design, art direction and cinematography). I'm looking forward to the extra features, particulary the "Geisha Bootcamp".

Have you found any good charity shop dvds recently?


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