Enjoying The Great Outdoors Again

Today we went exploring again in the woods and moorlands of West Sussex, in the area of Titty Hill (yes, really!). Unfortunately, due to losing our map and Mr Cocopopia tripping and dropping his trusty GPS tracking device (which then started playing up), we got lost.  Once you're in the woods and surrounded by trees, it all starts to look the same.  

So although the return back to the car was a little convoluted, we did have a sense of where it was and found our way back eventually.  We didn't mind too much as it was a beautiful day and the woods were really peaceful - with no sound of distant traffic, just the sound of birds singing in the trees

Back home, it was great to have the opportunity of sitting in the garden and enjoying yet more fresh air and sunshine, with tea in my favourite mug and a good book to read.

And a happy, chilled out cat for company


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