Bargain Plants - An Unexpected Bonus

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and the rain clouds that gathered towards the end of the afternoon at the County Show found us taking shelter in the plant tent - just as they were selling off the plants, what perfect timing!

At one of the plant stands the lady said "reduced now to two for a fiver".  As we were deliberating, the price got better "three for a fiver".  We were just handing over our chosen three to be put in a bag when the price went down to "five for a fiver".  I have never known prices come down so quickly but they were obviously in a hurry to clear them and get off home.

This is what it must be like at the last day of the Chelsea Flower Show.

I bought some colourful flowers because I wanted something for the bees, but I love a purple and green combination as find them calming and tranquil, so found these too

They should work well with the striped grass and lavenders and look as though they may be slug resistant too.

I was very pleased with my unexpected garden re-vamp, and I think this little chap was quite impressed too 


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