Carry On And Go Camping

If I don't have at least one camping trip a year, I really miss it.  Even going just for a long week-end or a few days is better than not going at all.

I like the idea of getting back to basics, appreciating nature and living simply.  It doesn't even matter if it rains, if there's a gale in the night (well perhaps not too strong a gale!) or if it's freezing cold - its all part of the challenge and it helps you distinguish one trip from another.

We're planning our next camping trip very soon, to a simple campsite in the Peak District.

I am very excited by my new camping gadget which I found on a recent shopping trip to Tesco who had a special deal of 30% off their camping gear.  

My new camping gadget

Lightweight and compact and only 16cm tall, it has energy saving LED's.  It has a dimmer function so can be really low light or at full on, with its 12 LED's shining out at 360 degrees, it can also be really bright.  Not just for camping though, but very handy at home in case of power cuts.  So not bad for £3.30 and it even has a handy compass on the top too!

NB - please be aware of casting strange shadows when using a torch or lamp in a tent (remember the tent scene from Austin Powers?)


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