Ten Reasons Why I Like Using A Slow Cooker

Last winter my Slow Cooker Challenge lacked effort - but not for want of trying.  I actually used it pretty often but quite a few of the recipes were variations on a theme and I didn't want to get too repetative.  However, I've almost perfected the Moroccan inspired dishes and found that, in addition to getting the spices balanced, it also helps to include a tablespoon of almond nut butter and also some diced sweet potato (thickens the sauce) and then at the end, so it doesn't overcook the flavours, to add some lemon juice and freshly chopped coriander (I think this is called cilantro if you live in the USA).

I promise to get some more recipes on here soon ....

Ten reasons why I like using a slow cooker

  1. Its a way of preparing healthy food
  2. It saves time in the kitchen - means you can go off and do something else instead
  3. Can be set up to cook while you're out so your food's ready and waiting when you get back home again
  4. You can make several portions at a time
  5. A good way of using up leftover veggies so avoiding waste
  6. Home cooked food from scratch is nearly always cheaper than convenience foods
  7. In terms of energy, is said to be more economical to use than a conventional oven
  8. Although uses low energy, still gives off heat and makes our postage stamp sized kitchen very cosy
  9. Slow cooking creates better flavours
  10. The aromas that fill the house are better than any scented candles


  1. Just made some braised red cabbage in mine, they are really good for putting things in and not having to worry about burning. Look forward to seeing your recipes

    1. that's interesting - never heard of making braised cabbage in it before - will have to look that one up!!

  2. Oh yum, I hope you share one of your Moroccan inspired dishes as I use almond butter instead of peanut butter. And I have tons of Turkish spices! Wishing you the best, Pat xx

    1. Hi Lilly's Mom and yes, I will definitely share this one soon. Interesting that you use almond butter too, it definitely makes a difference!


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