Tropical Twixmas

Our December garden currently looking very tropical

Twixmas - the period between Christmas and New Year, and it seems to be looking very unseasonal at the moment in our English garden.  On Boxing Day, for the first time ever, I found myself spending a couple of hours working in the garden.  There was a need to get out into the fresh air, burn off some calories and keep the garden under control until we move.  

Winter grass

It does seem a bit unsettling though to be out in the garden in a t-shirt on boxing day.  This was what it was like around the same time 4 years ago ...

The thing is, if we don't have enough frost and cold weather, nature gets confused - the population of bugs and pests in the soil isn't kept under control, some plants start to flower and bud too early, and some creatures wake up too soon, thinking spring is here already.  Is this what global warming means, will all the seasons just merge into one?  I hope not.

It's warm enough for the slugs and snails to remain active - winter flowers used to be safe from night-time nibblers, but not at the moment!

But on the positive side, at least I've had a chance to clear out and compost the veg patch, ready for spring (which the birds seem to appreciate as any lurking slugs become exposed to the surface).

And I've just checked the weather forecast for the next few days - cold, dry weather is on its way - frosty nights and cold, crisp, sunny days, that sounds good to me!


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