It's been a long time

a new front door awaits us (but ours will be slightly less grand than this one)

Oh it's been such a long time since I last blogged, slightly over 2 months in fact.

We have been immersed in the world of moving house and the trials and tribulations of being in the middle of a "chain".  We have always been committed but there have been times when the parties on either side of us have threatened to pull out, so its been pretty stressful, I can tell you.  

All spare time has been spent completing documents, chasing up information and trying to organise lots of different things.  As the moving date has got closer, there's been loads of decluttering - at first it was difficult but once you start, it becomes quite liberating.  

So here we are, with just over one day left in our old house and we need more time!!!  Both Mr Cocopopia and myself have caught chest infections in the run up to the big move, which hasn't helped, as we need all the energy we've got to keep things running smoothly.

But I just wanted to drop by to update you on our situation and to let you know that the Cocopopia blogspot will very soon be coming from a new location in the UK and with a slightly different slant on things.  There are exciting changes ahead ...


  1. Oh I do sympathise, the whole buying/selling process is so stressful but it will all be worth it. Looking forward to hearing about your new home xx

    1. Thanks Chickpea. Thankfully we have now arrived at the other end and different challenges now await. I feel a little as though I am following in your footsteps and did find your posts inspirational when the going got tough, knowing that you had gone through some pretty tricky times yourself with your move but that things had come together in the end, so thanks for that


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