From East to West

There are always so many changes to expect when you move house and sometimes there are the sort of changes that you forget about and then pleasantly discover. 

Our old house faced North/South which meant one side of the house was always sunny, bright and warm (as long as the sun came out at some point during the day) and the other side of the house was always dark and a bit on the cool side. As for the East/West sides, we were in the middle of a terrace so nothing to write home about there.

However, our new house faces East/West, which means when we pull back the bedroom curtains in the morning we are faced with the brightness of the day and it is very uplifting.  The sun warms the house as it slowly moves around during the day and by the time it reaches the back of the house in the evening, we have an evening display of glorious sunsets (as long as the sun is not hiding behind clouds).

This morning we were greeted by not only sunshine but overnight snow on the mountains.  

Morning view towards Snowdonia, courtesy of Mr Cocopopia

This gradually melted during the day (until a second snowfall in the afternoon)  and then there was another glorious sunset.

We are just so in awe of how beautiful it is here in North Wales and how much yet there is to explore.


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