The First of May - Spring Colours

After a week of some wet and windy weather and seeing snow fall on the tops of the mountains and the need to wrap up warm in fleecy jumpers and thick socks, today it's the first of May and it seems that Spring has arrived at last.

The sun has been out and the colours in the garden are wonderful. The previous owners did a brilliant job of making sure that when one plant had played its part, there is always something else waiting in the wings, ready to take over.  I love seeing the green shoots coming up and wondering what they're going to turn out to be.

The tulips are nearly finished now but I love their bold bright colours and the secrets they hold when you peep inside the petals.

The big and blousy rhododendrons are now almost finished too, but they did a good job of providing some early pollen for the bumble bees.

Next to arrive are the irises.  With their long stems, its a wonder they survived the winds this week.  I never seemed to have much success growing flowers at our previous house as everything seemed to get demolished by slugs and snails but I suppose there are a lot more predators here, which means the flowers are able to grow to their full potential.

I look forward to seeing what's next ...


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