Souvenirs From Abroad

One of the great things about trips to new places, whether they are to the next county or a different country altogether, is the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and look at life in a different way.  We can appreciate things from a different perspective and perhaps have the opportunity to enrich our lives back home by bringing experiences back with us.  I'm not particularly into New Year Resolutions but I do seem to bring back lists of resolutions from my travels. 

Here are my top 10 resolutions from my recent trip to Florida which I intend to incorporate into my lifestyle back home in England:-

  1. Learn how to cook (and therefore eat!) more Mexican food - especially bean and rice combos
  2. Switch from eating ice cream to frozen yogurt whenever I can
  3. Find (or make) an organiser for my little car
  4. Watch Game Of Thrones
  5. Make guacamole and experiment with hummus recipes
  6. Take more care of my nails and try out some nail art
  7. Swim regularly
  8. Drink pineapple and coconut flavoured water as my zero/low calorie summer drink
  9. Be more productive with my time
  10. Take more walks in nature - the park, the beach and the Downs

I'll be going into these in more detail in future blog posts


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