Sugar, oh, honey honey

This week-end has felt positively spring like - the sun has been out and everyone seems to be a lot happier!

The daffodils have been holding back this year because of the cold weather but are now out in full bloom and looking beautiful and exuding happiness with their yellow "faces" dancing in the breeze.

It was the first car boot sale of the year on Saturday at our local recreation ground.  I love browsing at car boot sales as you never know what you are going to find.  I came across this lovely honey pot which will look good as a sugar bowl in our yellow and white kitchen.

The lady I bought it off said she had been building up a collection of honey pots over the years and she had reached the point where she needed to get rid of a few of them as they were taking up too much space!  She had a selection and it was difficult to choose but this is the one I went for in the end.  

This is particularly appropriate when you find out what I'll be doing in a few days time ......


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