Artisans' Market

This week-end I discovered we have a monthly Artisans' Market in our local town.  Apparently its been going all year and I don't know how I've managed to miss it, but I've only just discovered it.  We've had an award-winning monthly Farmers' Market once a month for quite some time now (said to be the best in Sussex) and the Artisans' Market seems to be an extension of the Farmers' Market but with the addition of more arty/crafty things.

So its nice to know that roughly every couple of weeks, we'll now be able to visit our local open air market and support local growers, food and drink producers, artists and craftspeople.  It brings an extra vibe to the town and people come from quite long distances to visit when there's a market on.

There was a great band playing to add to the atmosphere, playing a mixture of what seemed to be folk, swing and "upbeat blues" (if there is such a thing).  I had to do a double-take as one of the band members looked like my dad (who is also a musician) but he lives way up country so it wasn't him!!

Our town is also really well served for cafes and coffee shops, but the market had its own coffee wagon, serving hot freshly brewed coffee and I noticed some gingerbread men lurking around the counter as well.

Everyone seemed to be in happy mood, soaking up the atomosphere and, not least, this seagull who had positioned himself on the top of the war memorial next to the church.


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