Last time I blogged, I mentioned that I was considering changes to the way I blog.  This is because my "time out" has made me realise that at times, blogging can be quite time-consuming and although I didn't want to stop blogging, I wanted to be able to free up a little more time and make a little more space in my busy life! 

So, I've taken the approach of blogging less frequently but including more pictures and stories when I do blog.  Its the photography part I enjoy, and I'd like the pictures to do a bit more talking.

Having said that, I'm still pushed for time as instead of sitting here, I should be packing for a trip.  So, for the moment, I'm just going to post some pictures from my autumn garden.

Raspberries - we've got LOADS of them this year and I'm picking a small handful each day - with still lots yet to come

The courgettes I should have picked in the summer when they were "golf ball" size have now grown to huge proportions and are too difficult to cut into even with the sharpest of knives.  However, they do look really good just sitting by the back door, slowly turning more and more golden in the autumn sunshine.

My one and only cucumber.  They are best grown in a greenhouse but as we don't have a greenhouse and it was a good summer, I decided to give it a go anyway - this one seems to be doing quite well from a hanging basket - but still too prickly to eat yet...

Mr and Mrs Duck - not in my garden but seen on a recent bike ride.  I loved the way they created ripples in the water around them


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