Making A Cat Bed From An Old Sweater

Old sweater after felting in the washing machine

Mr P in his den

I recently had a bit of a clear out and came across an old wool sweater in the back of a cupboard taking up loads of valuable space as I haven't worn it for years (being wool, lovely and warm but too itchy against the skin).  So, rather than impose an itchy item of clothing on anyone else, I decided to recycle it into a cat bed for Sweet Pea.  Mr P already has his very macho looking "den" and Sweet Pea wouldn't dream of going near it for fear of being booted out.

So, I set to work.  First of all, the sweater needed to be felted in a hot wash (60 degrees cycle with a trainer thrown in for extra agitation).  It shrunk more than I was expecting, but was still suitable and, once it has been felted, it means that you can cut the knitting with scissors and it won't fray and it can't be damaged by cats' claws.

using stuffing in the neck, shoulders and arms for structure

Before I stitched the neck opening together, I pushed some stuffing into the shoulder and upper arm areas.  I found some matching coloured wool and used a thick needle to overstitch the edges.  

folding the neck over and in

As this sweater had quite a deep polo neck, I not only sealed it at the top end but also folded it back to the inside of the cat bed and stitched it into place.  This gave the back of the bed extra structure.

joining the sleeve edge to the edge of the main section

Next I stuffed the lower part of one sleeve, stitched up the open end and then pulled it around to make one side of the bed before stitching it into position.  I then did the same with the other sleeve.

Extra stitches were needed in the corners to help hold the sides up and keep the shape - although with use, the cat's body will perfect the shape of the bed!

felt flower for that feminine touch

Finally, to give the feminine touch, I added a felt flower decoration to the front of the bed.  The bed was finished and awaiting Sweet Pea's approval.

trying it out for size

But hang on, who is that large cat sleeping in Sweet Pea's bed?  It seems Mr P has got there first.  

Hmmm, this wasn't part of the plan ...


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