Autumn - home made jam, mulled cider and more

When the Autumn days get shorter, colder and (usually) wetter, I like to stay optimistic and think of the positive delights that Autumn can bring.  I've been thinking of some of my favourite things such as:-

The fruits of the autumn harvest and the many ways of eating and drinking them

including home-made jam from the fruits of the garden

I also enjoy ...

Putting on a warm jacket and getting out and about in the fresh air 

Home made soups - spicy pumpkin and sweet potato soups in particular!

wearing my favourite fingerless mittens

drinking chai tea

clearing the garden and lighting a bonfire

making autumn themed jewellery for my online shop

eating comfort food such as veggie toad in the hole

drinking mulled cider from the cider cups we brought back from Brittany

What is it that you love about autumn?


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