Stars, Time and Ships - Part 2

Continuing with the story of our day trip to Greenwich a week and a half ago.  We made our way to the market which was very busy and not as big as I'd remembered it to be, but still an interesting place to visit with lots of hand-crafted items and delicious food.

We decided to buy some lunch at the market and were spoilt for choice by the range of international flavours but in the end we chose noodles from the Thai kitchen as we needed something quick, tasty and warming and this did the job perfectly. 

We headed to the Cutty Sark just a short walk away, finding a wall to sit on whilst we ate our food and watched the world go by.

Some students went by doing something very student-like (or they could have been getting rid of a dead body without anyone batting an eyelid!)

The reflective glass around the Cutty Sark was very useful for taking a selfie

And then we took the foot tunnel under the River Thames to admire the views of Greenwich from the north side.

Before returning home, we headed off to take a look at the O2 - just because we wanted to see what it was like!

Turned out to be a complete contrast to the traditional Greenwich we'd visited earlier and Mr Cocopopia was very happy to put the headphones on and tune in to the "wall of sound"

Since my first post about our trip to Greenwich, I've discovered that Chel at Sweet Briar Dreams knows loads of great places to visit in this part of London as its part of her heritage - places that I didn't even know existed.  There's still so much for us to see and do in this very interesting South Eastern corner of London so we'll definitely be revisiting in the future as loads yet to discover!


  1. Thanks for the mention lovely lady! I was just cooing at your photos of my favourite place on earth! How did you find the foot tunnel? A little wet? My grandad used to say to me that as long as the walls were dry we were safe to go under. Last time I went they were sopping wet so I only went half way :-) Lovely post! xx

  2. Thanks Chel - now there's another thing I didn't know (about the tunnel) - we just went through regardless but at least we did manage to get to the other side without getting wet!

  3. Haha love the photo of the students and your selfie, I haven't been to Greenwich yet, one to add to the list.


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