The Art of Meditation

About 18 months ago I learnt how to meditate properly.  Up until then I tried closing my eyes and listening to music but it wasn't until I started following guided meditations that things really started to take off!  I'm now much better at it, don't need to be guided and have automatically learnt to switch off from distractions around me.

Its great for de-stressing as it brings a sense of calm and quietens an overactive mind (be it from the worries of the day or just too much going on in the head). I also find meditation provides me with solutions to problems and inspires creative ideas - its all to do with relaxing the mind and shutting out the unnecessary "chatter".

It doesn't need to be done every day and can last from 5 minutes to over an hour - its worth finding time for.

There are other ways to get into meditation and one of these is through art.

Last week I was in town and popped into The Works - sad to see they were closing down as they have some great book bargains in there.  I picked up a discount copy of Zen Doodling by Carolyn Scrace.  To quote from the back cover: "Zen Doodling releases your creativity while the designs' repetitive nature focuses your mind, encourages a sense of inner calm and tranquility and aids meditation".  

I doodle a lot whilst on the phone at work and there's definitely a close link with the mind because if I'm on a difficult phone call, my scribbles will be heavy and dark with lots of pointy shapes, but if I'm on a good phone call there'll be lots of swirly, flowing shapes.  

Zen doodling can be just used for relaxation or it can take the basic everyday doodles to another level so that they can be developed into surface designs and applied to textiles, ceramics, photo frames, metal, card etc.

I intended to stop at this point when talking about meditative art when, by sheer coincidence, I saw an advertisement on TV for this -

A new publication launched this week, simply called Art Therapy.  You don't even have to doodle for this one - just colour in.  The magazine reflects that colouring can enhance your concentration, free your mind, spark creativity, relieve stress and reconnect with your inner child.

The publication includes mandalas because their intricate patterns are absorbing to work with and have a meditative effect.  In fact the word "Mandala" means "sacred circle" and in Eastern cultures are symbols of wholeness and eternity.

I love how meditation and creativity are linked and this week, during a meditation whilst thinking about primroses and violets (I didn't plan it, they just popped into my thoughts!), the image of this bracelet came in to my head so I had to make it ...

Bracelet of citrine gemstone nuggets with purple and yellow quartz gemstone nuggets, using rose gold plated findings and copper coloured wire

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  1. Hello, your doodling book looks like a lot of fun. I love the bracelet you have created. Such lovely colors :)

    1. thank you - I haven't started on the book yet but definitely will this week!

  2. I have always wanted to try meditation, especially when I do need to shut out the 'unnecessary chatter'. I will look out for the book in The Works and also that publication as I feel that if I had something like that on my desk in work, it may be able to focus my mind :-) Have a wonderful, peaceful week x

  3. Oh yes, give it a go - you've got nothing to lose but plenty to gain!

  4. My daughter has just bought an Art Therapy book - she's taking her uni finals soon and uses it to unwind after a day's revision! I tried learning to meditate last year (one of my 50 new things) but still have huge difficulty stopping that inner chatter. Have a good week. x

  5. glad to hear that the art therapy is helping your daughter with her finals - a really stressful time but hopefully she'll sail through :)

  6. I have seen the 'adult' colouring books and have been tempted to get one for myself. I used to love colouring :)

  7. I saw another advert for one today - they seem to be getting more popular!


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