Five Reasons Why I Love An Indian Summer

I'm not particularly tolerant of the heat so not being a big fan of the summer, I really love the changes that autumn brings as she eases us into winter.  The evenings can still be quite light and the days warm and sunny - which usually brings about the contrast of a cool evening because of the clear sky (speaking of which, the supermoon lunar eclipse last night with the orange moon in the cloud-less sky was spectacular). 

This week-end I've been outdoors in the sunshine because with the sun lower in the sky, it doesn't burn my skin and I can be outdoors for hours so this has been helping a lot to top us my vitamin D levels (which got very depleted last winter).  So this makes me happy.

Here are 5 reasons why I particularly love an Indian Summer:

1.  The kind weather gives extra opportunity to get out and achieve those jobs which which have been put off for months.  

We've been intending to paint the outside walls of the house for years but not managed it - until this week-end that is.  Excellent conditions for painting and the house is now transformed (I keep going out into the garden and looking at it - the change is amazing and I feel as though we've moved house!)

2.  The continued sunshine enables some of the veggie plants (in this case, beans and cherry tomatoes) to continue pushing out their harvests.

3.  Some flowers we saw earlier in the year are enjoying a second flowering (marigolds, nasturtiums and violas).

4.  It's warm enough to sit in the garden and enjoy some cooling ice cream or frozen yogurt

5.  The warm golden colours of the season are inspirational for new jewellery creations

It's said that this weather is likely to continue into October for us on the South coast (and is it asking too much for me to put in a request for November too?)


  1. I do enjoy the lower sun too as it doesn't feel as humid as the high summer months. The cooler nights are very welcome to snuggle down after a long walk and to pick up the windfall is always a bonus. So glad you got the painting done... I live in hope with my hubby!! Have a wonderful week xx


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