On A Hot Summer Day Not So Very Long Ago

Throughout the year, as we move from one month to the next, there always seems to be a gradual, subtle change.  However, the move from August to September always seems to be the exception - in August its all about being hot and sticky, lots of cold drinks to stay hydrated and being happy to walk around in bare feet and flip flops.  Come September, its as though someone's flicked a switch - cold drinks are replaced by hot cups of tea and socks and cardigans are needed by the evening.

Was it really less than a month ago when I was walking on the Downs, wearing my sunglasses, suncream and straw hat in an attempt to not get burnt, listening to the crickets in the grass below my feet and the swallows in the sky above my head?

Having said that, September really is my favourite month of the year, and there's talk of an Indian Summer which, if it's true, means these golden mellow days are set to continue for a little while yet.

In the meantime, here's a photographic reminder of that hot and sultry English summer's day that now seems just a distant memory ...


  1. Gorgeous photos, it looks so hot there, I'm afraid summer passed me by this year. I really hope we do have an Indian summer!

  2. Living on the coast sometimes has the drawbacks of being covered in sea mist while 10 miles inland they're bathing in the sun. We've been fortunate this year and not had many sea mists to contend with, but I think you may have had more than your fair share of misty days ...


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