Catching Up For Christmas

Things have been a little busy since returning from our travels so blog posts have suffered a little, but fear not, I am getting back into the swing of things again.

Last Saturday I took a walk into our local town to visit the charity shops to buy some Christmas cards and whilst there, couldn't resist a couple of purchases.

I found this Nuno Felted scarf for £4.  I bought it partly for inspiration for more textile projects next year, but it's a useful scarf to have anyway for brightening up my dark winter coat.

We've been in need of some cheap, every day type wine glasses (not that we drink wine everyday!) that are more robust than our elegant, tall stemmed glasses, which are so easily broken.  I came across these - £1 for all 4 of them.

I was drawn to the dragon picture on them but it wasn't until I got them home and looked up Green Dragon that I discovered its a drink based on cannabis and high alcohol spirits - at least we have a talking point when using the glasses now, but rest assured we'll only be using them for wine!

Because I've not been posting, it means I've not been mentioning my Slow Cooker Challenge, but it doesn't mean that I haven't been using it, so will post some recipes soon.  But another use for the slow cooker, which I'd forgotten about and which would be very handy for the festive season, is to use it as a means of keeping food or mulled drinks warm when serving buffet food to guests.

Finally, in my constant need to re-purpose things that may be of use to someone else, I've been thinking about giving used stamps to charity.  I'm saving up as many stamps as I can to send to Bobtails Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue as its nice to think they may be put to some use.  


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