My Cosy Hygge Christmas

It seems to me that Christmas is not what it used to be - and in the UK, the festive season seems to be so much about consumerism these days - the pressure to eat, drink and be merry seems to be constant for most of December.  Perhaps its not really that bad, its just the way the marketing people make us feel. But you can't seem to venture out of your own home without the constant sound of the same old Christmas songs being played out loud wherever you go and it's difficult to travel anywhere at this time of year without getting caught up in traffic jams, while everyone seems to be getting stressed and grumpy about things that they shouldn't really be stressing about.  OK, whinge over, but sometimes I feel that I really would like to wind the clock back to simpler times.

I've always loved the "feel" of the winter season, when you can cosy up indoors, sit by an open fire, light candles, eat hearty home cooked stews and soups, drink hot chocolate and mulled wine, catch up with friends and family and reminisce about the past and plan for the future, and find some quiet time to curl up under a fleecy blanket and read a good book.  I also like pulling on warm outdoor clothes, and walking in the winter landscape and, with rosy cheeks, stopping off for a drink or a bite to eat in a cosy pub before venturing out for the walk back home again.

I've recently discovered the Danish have a word for this - hygge (pronounced - hoo - ga).  Roughly translated as "cosiness", but its that and more.  Even though the Danes have very long, cold winters (and in the middle of winter, it gets light late and goes dark early), the Danes are said to be the world's happiest people, and its down to attitude and embracing the things that make you feel happy and comforted by, rather than focusing on the negatives.  

Candles and mood lighting are always very hygge

as are embracing the weather and the things you find comforting

Its about being kind to yourself and to others.  Isn't this what Christmas, and life in general, should all be about?

cats are experts when it comes to hygge


  1. I think you've shared all the perfect things needed for hygge! It is a mess out there right now; I just returned from doing some grocery shopping and the stores are so crowded. I'm looking forward to staying home with the family and celebrating. I don't know about the fireplace as we are in southern California. But, we are expecting some much needed rain. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Pat :)

  2. Hi Pat - thank you and very best wishes to you and your family too for a merry christmas and happy new year. And I hope that rain arrives soon!!

  3. What a lovely post, all looks very hygge, they were talking about it on the radio this morning. Love the hand warmers!

  4. thank you Chickpea - seasons greetings to you and your family x

  5. This is so cozy! Have a wonderful and merry Christmas xx

  6. I love that there is a special word for that seasonal downtime. Thanks for sharing x


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