A Welcome Walk On The Beach

Last Wednesday we had a mid-week respite in the weather - it was actually not windy, not raining, warm (ish) and the sun was trying to peep out from behind the clouds.  

I had an afternoon appointment in town at the bank but having lost my appointment card, I slipped up on the time and turned up an hour early and was asked if I could return in an hour's time.. It was the perfect opportunity to take an afternoon stroll on the beach.

I needed to cross the bridge over the river to reach the beach on the other side.  Unfortunately, some of the glass panels at the side of the bridge have fragmented but apparently this is nothing to do with vandals, but a fault in the construction of the glass.  They did, however, make an interesting viewfinder.

The optimistic people at the surf shop had the boards out, but the first week in January, I expect business is slow ...

Or maybe not, because once I reached the beach, there were a few paddle boarders out, enjoying the gentle waves in the short time they had before the sun was ready to set again.

I really enjoyed the calm and tranquility of the beach on a winter's afternoon.  Our local beach is not sandy but very pebbly which means its hard work to walk on it but it's really good exercise for the leg muscles.  I made the decision that I really need to walk more on the beach from now on, not just for the exercise, but for the sheer bliss of just being there.  Who knows, maybe this is the year I'll take up paddleboarding...


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