On a Damp Day

Saturday was damp and foggy and I started the day gazing out of the window eating my porridge, procrastinating before going outside as there were jobs to be done.

The bad news is that we tend to have moss growing on our roof, the good news is that it gets picked off by the friendly neighbourhood jackdaws, the bad news is that it blocks the gutters.  It was a necessary job this week-end to clear out the gutters, which meant Mr Cocopopia climbing up the ladder whilst I held them steady at ground level.

Once that job was done, there was the more pleasant job of tidying up the garden from the recent storms.  And clearing up after our boy cat, Mr P.

Now Mr P likes to go out on expeditions, finding and collecting things and bringing them home.  Here he is with a gold star he brought back one Christmas.

But his latest obsession is bringing back figs from a neighbour's garden. Probably because they are mouse shaped.  Sometimes they are a bit worse for wear, other times they could almost be edible.  I usually pick them up as and when I spot them but over the past month, with the short days and the bad weather, I've just left them.  So there was a bit of backlog and this is his collection from the past month:

I counted 35 plus a piece of tennis ball.  There were also plenty of short twigs, but that's Sweet Pea's obsession.  Sweet Pea's twigs get popped on the garden fire pit but there's no way I'm making a pie out of Mr P's foragings (sorry Mr P)


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