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Tom Foolery Coffee Company

We set out from home for a walk on the beach at the week-end and when we left the house, we were wearing sunglasses but this was not to last.  The beach is a good half an hour walk away and shortly after we arrived at the beach, we spotted a huge grey cloud in the distance heading our way.  We knew we were in the line of fire and had time to dash to a line of houses along the beach to shelter by one of the walls.  It did make a difference but we were feeling a bit cold and wet and headed for one of the cafes in town - we don't have that many shops but we are well provided for with cafes and they are always popular.

One of our favourites is the Tom Foolery Coffee Company because its brown tones of wooden floorboards, raw brick walls and leather sofas make you feel cosy and looked after.  They are also bike friendly and welcome many of the cyclists who pass through the town on one of the various cycle routes either along the sea front or on the South Downs nearby.  There's even a sculpture of a mermaid riding a bike, emerging from one of the walls

I always like the music in there too and whenever I visit, it seems to have a bit of a 1980's, slightly New Yorky kind of vibe.

Tucked away in the corner at the back of the cafe is a noticeboard of local events.

I was amazed by some of the events going on in our little town that I didn't even know about, such as the fortnightly pub based craft sessions for local witches and the local laughter yoga class - maybe I should be thinking about giving some of these a go?


  1. Love the top photo. I have many similar coffee house views. They seem to make for great striking silhouettes and gentle images of people at peace.

  2. I know, with cafes like this, it's about more than just the food and drinks on offer ...


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