Dainty, Light and Graceful as a Ballerina

When I was just a little girl, I remember wanting to have ballet lessons.  It didn't happen but I do remember borrowing a library book and learning about the 5 positions for feet and arms.  Once I got those under control, I didn't know where to take it next so I became more interested in roller skates.  If the internet had been around in those days, I probably would have learnt online.

But never say never, and here I am many years later, taking up ballet in my middle age.  As I've got older I've noticed loss of flexibility, strength, agility, posture and balance and I don't like it so I'm attempting to regain some of these qualities with ballet fitness classes and yoga. 

I thought the ballet would be easy - surely it can't be that difficult to stand up straight, point a toe and lift your arms in the air and stay in that position for a short while - how wrong could I be!  But it's fun and I enjoy the feeling of my body being put through its paces and getting stronger, and there's a nice atmosphere in the class.

I can't stop thoughts springing to mind when I'm doing it of the comedy sketch featuring Dawn French and Darcy Bussell (I think Dawn was trying to be Darcy's mirror image).  Its a shame I can't share a link here because its not available.  Instead - here's a lovely little trailer for Swan Lake.

Swan Lake


  1. I never did ballet lessons either but my daughter did at a very early age. She didn't keep them up, but my goodness she looked cute in her pink tutu and ballet shoes! I can remember that sketch, hilarious! Have a wonderful Sunday x


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