All Systems Go

At the beginning of September, I hinted that we may be moving.  Well now things have moved on and we are definitely moving and our house is up for sale.

There hasn't been much time for blogging because its been a full on job clearing, cleaning, repairing, re-decorating and general all-round tarting up.

We've reached a stage now where, still from perfect, we feel we are happy to be "on the market".  Very unlike me, I've become a bit OCD with my house cleaning and suddenly there are flowers all over the place, both inside and out.

A few select items are on show and the rest are all tucked away.  The best linen comes out for viewings whilst the faded, stained or threadbare items are kept hidden.

It is quite stressful, this constantly having to be on stand-by, but I keep the vision in my head of where we are moving to (I'm keeping you guessing for the moment!) and it makes it all worthwhile.


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