Another Ruined Jumper Means Another New Cat Bed

A couple of years ago, I turned a "shrunken in the wash" wool jumper into a cat bed.  You can read how I did it here .  It didn't take Mr P long to claim it for himself.

So when I accidentally ruined my dusky pink fluffy woolly jumper (with a scattering of sequins on one edge!), I decided to make it into a bed for Sweet Pea.  It's oval shaped and fits her little rounded shape perfectly.  I think it makes her feel secure the way it wraps around her body, and she likes the way there's a built-in head rest.  Sweet Pea's always been a bit of a strange one, and when she's feeling happy, she likes to press her feet on the inside wall of the cat bed and then spin herself around in it.  I think I can safely say, she loves it.


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