And So The Growing Season Begins ...

I now have quite an accumulation of fruit and veg seeds in my collection - some old faithfuls from last year and some exciting new ones for this year. Now that March has arrived, I have started to sow the first seeds.  

It would be easy to get overwhelmed if I really thought about how many seeds I have stored ready for sowing, so I have a system of sowing just a few seeds at a time, start them off on a sunny windowsill and after a week or so move them on to another windowsill to make way for the next batch.  

seeds germinating on a sunny windowsill

The first seeds have got off to a really good start as today has been a lovely sunny day - just what they need to warm them up!

Today I sowed Goji Berries, Inca Berries and Sunburst Squash

Squash (Summer), Sunburst F1 AGM Seeds

Sunburst Squash - one of my best performers last year 


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