Yet More Snow

We woke up on Monday morning to little bits of floaty snow in the air but as the day went on, the little floaty bits got bigger and came down faster.  The wind picked up and blew them around in swirls.  By tea time, we were deep in snow and it had drifted into pretty draped shapes all over the place (but by then it was cold and dark and I didn't feel like venturing out with my camera!).

The snow stopped overnight but by the next morning it had started again and everywhere was looking very pretty.  The Buddha in the garden looked as though he was wrapped up in a white shawl and woolly hat.

I was feeling sorry for the chickens so to get them off to a warm start, I mixed their usual chicken feed with some hot water - like Ready Brek for chickens - they loved it (don't worry, it wasn't too hot by the time it reached them!)  And then, sensible chickens that they are, when they had finished their breakfast, they decided to go back into their house again where it was warm and dry.


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