Spring Beauty in a Basket

Today I must have been in the right place at the right time as I had just popped into the local Co-op store for some bread and milk, and noticed this little basket at the front of the store on the "reduced items" shelf

bargain basket

Reduced from £10 to £2.50, it was a basket filled with ivy, narcissi and some pink/yellow flowers (which I think may by cyclamen but I'm not too sure!).  All quite healthy looking plants though.  At the moment they are providing a cheery welcome in the hallway by the front door.  Soon, they'll go on the other side of the front door outside and as they are all plants that will be happy in the shade, hopefully they will flourish in our north facing front garden.

The basket was also decorated with a rustic wicker heart and a gingham ribbon.  So, with the 3 plants, the basket, the heart and the ribbon this was a pretty good deal for £2.50 as I avidly recycle and reinvent things so all of these items will be put to future use somewhere else!


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