Bikes, Buses, Art and Sharks

Every May, Brighton holds its annual Festival of music, art, drama, dance, literature, food and all sorts of things inbetween.  The city is always lively but in May it really does come to life.  It also has a Fringe Festival and as part of this, artists and craftspeople gather together and open their houses to put on displays of all sorts of art, design and crafts.  Often accompanied by home made cakes and tea in the garden. 

In fact, many of the houses are now competing with each other as to who can provide the best food (Spanish tapas, Indian snacks, vegetarian, vegan and cakes that would do The Great British Bake Off proud), as this can tempt people to visit and with every visitor comes the opportunity to sell a piece of work.

We got on our bikes yesterday and covered 25 miles to visit a variety of galleries and houses and I'll write about the highlights of these in my next post.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures from our cycle travels:

vintage buses

carrying vintage slogans

We stopped for lunch at the marina as we had some vouchers for Cafe Rouge

Brighton Marina

Catch of the Day

On the way back, we took a short cut through the Pavilion Gardens in Brighton


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