Seven venues, Fifty Artists in one day

Yesterday we enjoyed a day of cycling around Brighton and Hove combined with appreciating a variety of art and crafts on show as part of the Brighton Festival.  Here's a small selection of some of the artists/craftspeople whose work I particularly liked and would recommend you taking a look at, should you get the chance:

Otherworldly teapots by Carola Del Mese at the Bungeroosh Gallery

big, bold and colourful acrylic paintings by Romany Mark Bruce at Encounters 
(which won the prize for the best Open House last year)

gorgeous, quirky ceramics by Katherine Morton at Aymer Arts

vintage print cushions from Sublime Vintage, also at Aymer Arts
- find out more about Sublime Vintage here: Sublime Vintage

Beautifully illustrated ceramics by Stacey Manser-Knight, also at Aymer Arts (she also makes some really nice brooches)

We also saw some fantastic photography by Reuters photographer Luke MacGregor at Collective Elements.  Apart from his Reuters work, he also had some fabulous images of single flowers with water droplets, blown up onto a large scale.

The Open Houses are open all week-ends throughout May - we'll be going back for more before the month is out!

Here's a link to the Open Houses online guide:  Artists Open Houses - Brighton and Hove


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