Seville Style Bedroom part one

A few years ago we visited Seville and were blown away by the style, culture and architecture of the city.  There are many influences evident in Seville but the strongest is the Arabic from the time when Seville was taken by the Moors from North Africa.  Colourwise, we also noticed combinations of blues, yellows and white seemed to be everywhere and we decided we wanted to take this style as inspiration for our bedroom back home.  

Moroccan style bedrooms are usually depicted in hot colours of reds, oranges, pinks and purples but we chose a cooler palette as our room is south facing and gets a lot of sunlight, so we wanted to feel more chilled out and relaxed.

We picked up a collection of small but beautiful tiles in a local market and Ade used them as decorative inserts in the wardrobe doors he had constructed for our built in wardrobe system.  The wardrobe doors reach right up to the ceiling and provide us with plenty of wardrobe and cupboard space.  The wardrobe doors have been painted in a light powder blue, the same colour as the walls, which works well as provides continuous colour on all 4 walls.


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