Beetles in the Air

Sometime between mid May and early June, depending on the weather, we see the emergence of the local stag beetles.  In some parts of the UK the stag beetle is very rare although in other parts (mainly the south east, where it tends to be warmer and drier) they are more common - although their numbers are still in decline.

Following 5 - 6 years of living underground and undergoing various transformations, the stag bettle eventually emerges to mate.

They seem to be more common at dusk and you can sometimes hear them in the air or rustling in vegetation.  Not all of them make it and if they end up on their back, they struggle to get back on their feet again and this makes them vulnerable to predators - such as our cats.  Unfortunately, here's Mr P with his latest catch - it was still alive so I managed to scoop it up and put it outside to the front of the house where the cats don't usually go.

If you're interested in learning more about stag beetles, here's a link: stag beetles


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